• Skinning Knife


    Made for skinning, this knife has a hook on the blade's tip and no point. The edge travels all the way up to the hook while there is a countering weight in the knife's handle providing an effortless and professional flow while working. 

    Our hand stitched leather sheaths are included with your knife and are made specifically to fit the newly made instrument. Just choose your preferred sheath orientation (people usually buy based on their dominate hand, example: right sheath/right handed). Additional leather colors may be available upon request. Please contact us with any questions. 

    Each item is forged using high carbon vintage railroad spikes from the United States and created in our workshop in North Carolina. Purchases will be shipped within 3 days after payment.

    ***Notice: All products are handmade and unique, resulting in no identical products. There will be slight variations on each blade as we create a custom tool for you.