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About Us

Rough Beginning


 Born in Germany during 1967, Oliver Schneider struggled through a harsh childhood. The first light in his life was in his teenage years when he met Krista, but had to leave her behind as he moved away. After 12 years of separation, he was able to meet her again and even marry his childhood sweetheart. They went on to have a family with the addition of two excellent sons. Married to the love of his life and becoming a father helped Oliver overcome the struggles of his past as well as the consequences of a rare disease. 

Learning the Trade


 Krista searched and found his biological father, a Cherokee Lumbee from Pembroke, North Carolina. After being introduced to his extended family, Oliver and Krista decided to jump over the big pond, pursuing a second life together in rural Robeson County, North Carolina.

While Krista gathered chicken, goats, sheep, pigs, dogs, and even a horse, Oliver built coups, shelters, and corrals to accommodate the animals. Their sons soon showed an interest in blacksmith work, so Oliver designed and built a furnace in a metal barrel, bought an old anvil, a vice from the 18th century, and established a backyard forge. When his sons lost interest, Oliver stuck with it to not waste the efforts put in.

Burning Passion


Inspired by a picture of a railroad spike hatchet and knife he got hooked on spike forging. Excited by the various possibilities of recycling vintage spikes into amazing unique tools and equipped with former experience in leather work, Oliver was able to craft knives and sheaths himself. 

In the autumn of 2015, with the support of family and friends, Oliver takes his hobby and turns it into a profession to create his business: Spike Knife.